Sump pump Installation and Repairs in NYC

We have a team of plumbers specialized in installation and repair of sump pumps in New York City.

A functioning sump pump works to move water into a draining pipe system or out from your home. The installation process involves digging a sump pit preferable in your basement so that the electrical pumps remove excess water.

A sump pump helps you prevent water damages, faulty foundations or accumulating mold in your home.

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Installing a sump pump in your NYC home

We help you locate and dig to seal and install valves required in sump pump installation. There are two common types of sump pumps; pedestal/upright and submersible sump pump.

  • Pedestal/ upright sump pump; it is installed above the sump pit exposing the electrical motor. It is thus unsafe and often louder. The pump has pipes running into the sump pit. Once the sump pit is filled, a float attached to a metal rod connecting to the switch rises to switch the pump on. Water from the pit is sucked to drain system.
  • Submersible sump pump; this pump is designed to be immersed into the sump pit whether partial or fully. It is sealed water tight to protect the electrical parts, and are very quiet compared with the pedestal ones. Water in the sump pit is filtered through the pump preventing debris from being captured into the pump impeller. The impeller creates suction to draw the water towards a sewer system or drainage.

Plumbing NYC will help you select the best sump pump for your home based on the size and continuous maintenance of the sump pump.

Plumbing NYC also advices its customer to have a backup sump pump. Factors to consider when buying a sump pump include the size of your home, pump ratings, water usage efficiency, floater action, alarms, easy of installation, warranty, and of course Plumbing NYC advise.

Feel free to contact us and avoid the worry of choosing the correct sump pump. We will do everything for you.

If your sump pump is not working properly, be sure to alert us for repairs.