Rough-in Service

Specialize in New Roughing Projects

Plumbing rough-in is the amount of time it takes to get the pipes, vents, and drains in place before a home or business is ready to be wired for electricity. During this phase, a plumber will install any vents, pipes, and drains that are necessary to ensure that the water supply and drainage systems work properly.

Our plumbers have extensive experience installing systems in buildings of all types, from simple ranch homes to more complex multi-story constructions. Whether you are planning a small addition or embarking on the construction of an entirely new building, we can provide all the rough-in plumbing services nyc you will need to begin work on your project.

Tasks we perform during plumbing rough-in:

  • Installing drain pipes and waste lines
  • Installing vents for ventilation
  • Running water supply lines to fixtures
  • Installing waste and vent lines from fixtures to vents/li>
  • Patching walls and floors where pipes penetrate them

Connecting sinks or toilets with PVC or cast iron drain pipes and fittings. Eventually connecting these drains with the main drain line installed by the plumber.

We do all types of rough-in work including:

  • Water supply lines
  • Gas lines
  • Storm drain lines
  • Drain lines

Why you should trust us

We have become one of the leading providers of rough-in services for many of our customers. Our skilled and friendly staff works quickly and efficiently to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with their services.

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Our team will arrive at your home or business, ready to start. We take pride in providing fast, friendly service – it's what sets us apart from the rest. You can get all your rough-in needs from us at an affordable price. Our expertise will help you save up to 25% of costs , for we are professionals and use green-friendly materials.

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