New York city Broken water main repair & Replacement

Plumbing NYC is at the forefront in New York city Broken water main repair & Replacement. Our professional plumbers in New York city are readily available offering water main repairs across the five boroughs. With over 30 years’ experience, Plumbing NYC has the capacity to handle any kind of water main issues to protect the local residents.

Plumbing NYC has qualified staff and capacity to handle any size of repairs or replacement of the water mains at a cost-effective price. We also offer free quotes and consultations to help you make an informed decision.

We are your master plumbers licensed in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

Water Main Leaks & DEP 3-Day Notice violation

Water leaks can be detected by observation such as low pressure on your taps, or receiving a 3-day notice violation from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, DEP. The violation notice is normally issued to property and home owners highlighting water line leaks and require repairs. Not all violations require immediate attention some are given more time.

A small leak from the house water main may be granted more time, while major leaks may warrant immediate work. At Plumbing NYC, we work to resolve all water main leaks and help you resolve the 3-day notice violation from DEP.

Sometimes the DEP may issue a violation while the leaks does not necessarily originate from your property. At Plumbing NYC, we adhere to standard protocol to begin from opening the roadway and terminate the connection to NYC water main. This should stop the leak, however, if it does not, our plumber will alert the DEP for possible error in 3-day violation notice. Sound test may be conduct to access the actual location on the leak.

It is important to note that the DEP is highly accurate, and once issued with the 3-day violation, contact Plumbing NYC to assist you in clearing the violation.

Lead and Galvanized water mains in NYC

Current pipelines have adopted a more flexible and less hazardous materials. In New York city, it is illegal to carry out repairs on lead or galvanized pipes. Use of these materials may result into pipe bursts as they vary old. Lead poisoning, long term kidney damage and reproductive issues have pushed materials selection from lead to copper for water main. These lead pipes were used for easy of installation and low cost, but that has changed with the discovery of their adverse effects.

Incase of your main water supply being from such a material, contact us now to help resolve the issue.

  • The cost of water main replacement varies
  • Size of the pipe
  • If a new tap has to be installed
  • Distance from the city water main

For all your water main requirements, feel free to call us and we will have an expert visit you for expert advice.