Plumbing Home Inspection NYC

There are various reasons why you may need a plumbing home inspection. For start, keeping your plumping systems up to date may save you the trouble of plumbing cost from a problem that was undetectable for years.

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Why plumbing home inspection in NYC

Imagine buying your own home only to realize it has a plumbing issue!

Hours after we moved into our new apartment in NYC — and a few days after signing the lease — the property manager tells us that the plumbing is not properly fitted! The drainage pipes are narrow so that toilet paper cannot be flushed down the toilet. The guy recommends we stuck soiled squares into the trash bin! Not the landlord nor the manager had informed us about this menace. We were so disappointed that had we been informed earlier, we would have not signed the lease!


Well, before moving into a new home, Plumbing NYC recommends you conduct a home inspection to assert that all plumbing systems are functioning properly to avoid additional costs.

A plumbing home inspection is a comprehensive assessment of all plumbing systems in your home by professionals to ensure there are okey. For instance, with goals to eliminate lead piping, our professional will determine the material used in your piping and recommend repairs or replacements. Current pipelines have adopted a more flexible and less hazardous materials. In New York city, it is illegal to carry out repairs on lead or galvanized pipes. Use of these materials may result into pipe bursts as they vary old.

Your water meter will also be checked, valves, pumps and all appliances. Book with us now for your plumbing inspections.

Water leaks can be detected by observation such as low pressure on your taps, or receiving a 3-day notice violation from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, DEP. The violation notice is normally issued to property and home owners highlighting water line leaks and require repairs Plumbing NYC understands that saving your time and money is important. For this reason, we recommend occasional home inspection to ensure that your systems are up to date. We also offer free quotes and consultations to help you make an informed decision.